The Covid pandemic has caused widespread disruptions to the global supply chain.  Like most companies, this is affecting Yoder Smokers and your order.  The situation is caused by the following issues, and more:

  • Overloaded trucking industry in the USA due to lack of trucks and chassis
  • Peak demand in e-commerce over the past year, especially in the home, garden, and hobby industries
  • Less commercial flights mean more shipments are being sent by truck, sea, and rail
  • Lack of truck drivers and dock workers due to the pandemic
  • High demand for sea freight containers and overloaded ships
  • Long delays at railroads and sea ports
  • Manufacturing delays due to the issues above, as any delayed parts can affect production of a finished product

Unfortunately there is not much we can do to speed up the logistics, and we understand frustrations when orders are delayed.  We are doing what we can to get your order delivered as soon as possible, and we ask for patience as we work through these increasing delays.  We know that the worst thing is not knowing the status of your order, and what is happening.

With this in mind to be fully transparent, this page can be viewed to check the status of the shipment which includes your order.   We will update the page as new information becomes available.

UPDATED ESTIMATE:  January 31 2022

Est. arrival date in Prague assuming no further delays.  Please allow us a few days to package and ship your order.



  • 24/09:  Order completed at Yoder Smokers, Kansas
  • 01/10:  Loading changed due to lack of truck chassis
  • 08/10:  Loading changed due to lack of truck chassis
  • 15/10:  Booking changed due to change in ship schedules
  • 22/10: Loading changed due to lack of truck chassis
  • 29/10: Loading changed due to lack of truck chassis
  • 05/11:  Booking changed from Kansas City rail to St. Louis rail due to over congestion and lack of available trucks
  • 19/11: Booking cancelled by freight forwarder due to all of the changes
  • 22/11: Re-booked for loading on 07/12
  • 07/12: Truck loaded at Yoder Smokers to St. Louis rail
  • 17/12:  Moved to later ship due to lack of space


Sea Freight ETD:  06/01/2022 – New York

Sea Freight ETA:  21/01/2022 – Hamburg

Ship Name:  ETE N –> Track

ETA Prague:  31/01/2022