FireBoard Ambient Pit Probe


The Ambient Temperature Probe provides accurate temperature readings in hot and cold environments. Easy to mount inside of a oven or grill.

  • 6ft (1.8m) cable length
  • 2.5mm audio connector
  • 57mm long probe
  • 4mm diameter

Probe type: 100K Thermistor
Temperature Range: -18 to 300°C (0 to 572°F)

Probe type: RTD PT-100
Temperature Range: -50 to 380°C (-58 to 716°F)

The Thermistor Probe is the standard type used with FireBoard.  Thermistor probes are faster and more resistant to false readings from electrical interference.  They are recommended for most cases.

RTD probes are more accurate and can measure a wider temperature range.  But they are more sensitive to false readings from interference.  We recommend the RTD probes only if you want to measure higher temperatures, for example if you want to measure your grill temperature during high heat grilling.