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Sweetwater Spice Ancho Chipotle Beef Bath Brine Concentrate

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Ancho Chipotle Bath blends the earthiness of smoked ancho chilies and the smoky heat of chipotle chilies with the sweetness of apple juice, tamarind and brown sugar, this barbecue centric bath concentrate really fortifies the flavor of beef while producing a moist and tender brisket. Our Ancho Chipotle Bath is phenomenal on brisket, prime rib, strip loin and beef tenderloin.

To enhance the bark on your brisket, strain the used brine through a mesh colander to catch the spices in the brine.  Re-apply these as a wet rub prior to smoking. Or apply them as a binder before applying a dry rub.

Directions:  Shake bottle of concentrate well.  Pour over meat, then add 5 parts water for every 1 part brine bath. Approximately 1 cup brine bath per 5lb of meat.   After opening, keep remaining product refrigerated.

Size:  16 oz – 470 ml