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Yoder Smokers 24×36″ Flat Top Adjustable Charcoal Grill

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Whether you are at home or in a restaurant, cooking food over a hot bed of coals is a classic tradition.  Too many charcoal grills nowadays are built to be disposable, with wobbly legs, thin steel, and loose parts leaving their owners disappointed.  This is what makes Yoder Smokers stand out from the rest.  These heavy-duty Flattop Charcoal Grills are built to last a lifetime and are easy to move around on large pneumatic wheels.  A huge flat cooking area provides plenty of space to cook for a large crowd.

A five-position charcoal tray allows you to adjust the distance between your coals and your food, and adjustable air vents and two-position lid with stainless steel hinges provide you with the option of searing directly over the coals, or cooking indirectly on lower temperatures.  Cleaning up is easy with a removeable ash tray.

Perfect For:  Home, Caterers, Restaurants

Optional Accessories

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Classic Tradition

Cooking food over a hot bed of coals is a traditional method in almost every country in the world.  Whether you like to cook with briquettes, lump charcoal, or burn wood logs down to embers, the flavor and aromas of grilling with charcoal is something that everyone can appreciate.
Made in USA

Built to Last

It is possible to cook on the thin, cheap grills sold in hardware stores.  But not for long.  Yoder Smokers are built from heavy steel and fully welded to last for decades.  These smokers will not rust through or burn out in a year or two.  They are designed to handle the extreme and cook for crowds.

Handcrafted in the USA

Yoder Smokers are handmade in Yoder, Kansas by pitmasters – for pitmasters.  Every detail is carefully executed by master craftsmen.

Let the real pros build your next grill.

  • Charcoal basket has 5 height adjustments for precise heat control
  • Full length ash and grease tray slides out for easy adjustment
  • Easily set up for indirect grilling
  • 2 adjustable combustion air vents deliver even burn
  • Grill body constructed from 3.4 mm, lid from 2.7 mm, and charcoal basket constructed from 4.6 mm steel
  • Overall Size:  122 x 95 x 121 cm (including external shelves)
  • Cooking Surface:  61 x 91 cm
  • Weight:  172 kg
CAPACITY (approx)
Whole Chickens: 10 
Spare Ribs (lying flat): 18 
Pork Shoulder: 30kg 
Burgers: 50

Yoder Smokers wood pits are guaranteed for life not to rust through.  You will never have to purchase another smoker.

We ship our Yoder Smokers anywhere!  Most of our shipments are sent by Dachser truck freight, delivered to ground with a lift gate. We can also ship sea freight or air freight to islands and outside of Europe.


  • price is for standard delivery (3-8 business days based on location)
  • prices depend on country and post code
  • in most cases shipments are sent with “scheduled delivery.”  This means that the freight company will contact you to arrange a delivery date.  This service is included in the standard delivery price
  • if a fixed delivery date is required in advance (if you need to take off work, and contacting you 1-2 days before delivery is not acceptable), we can arrange a fixed delivery date for +10% of the shipment price
  • If speed delivery is required (2-4 business days), we can arrange that for +20% of the shipment price
  • Yoder Smokers arrive fully assembled*, wrapped, and strapped to a pallet
  • Shipment is delivered to ground with a lift gate
  • Please remove the wrapping and inspect for shipping damages while the driver is present.  In the rare case that the shipment was damaged, please note on the delivery notice to the driver.  Shipments are insured, but damages should be reported to us within 3 days of arrival.
    • BBQ Europe cannot guarantee delivery times and is not responsible for shipment delays, which can occur for various reasons
    • We order the shipment with “scheduled delivery.”  This means that you should be contacted 1-2 days in advance to arrange a specific delivery date/time (within 5 days).  If the driver shows up unannounced, we cannot be held responsible, but please do contact us if this occurs.
    • We order the shipment to be delivered to ground with a lift gate.  If the truck shows up without a liftgate and you have no other solution for unloading the shipment, please explain that it was ordered with a lift gate, send them away, and contact us.
    • The shipment is to be delivered to ground in front of your address, on the street or driveway.  The driver is in no way obligated to help you move the shipment onto your property or to a certain place.
*Standard YS480s and YS640s are shipped unassembled in a box to reduce freight damages.  Instructions can be found on the outside of the box which explain how to begin the assembly process, which usually takes about 30-45 minutes.  Two people are recommended for this process.
Due to the packaging, we cannot install dial door thermometers on the lids.  If you would like to add a door thermometer, you can install it when you receive your grill.  We cannot unbox the grills to add these items.

Wood Pit FAQ

Our offset smokers consist of the firebox (the smaller box), the cooking chamber where most of the cooking takes place and an additional vertical cooking chamber if you choose one of our Durango models. You begin by building a fire in the firebox, the heat then flows out from the firebox, through the cooking chamber and out the chimney. You control the burn (combustion) rate and the heat produced primarily by the damper on the firebox door.  The damper on the chimney is also used to fine tune the heat in the cooking chamber.

Vertical and rear firebox designs are fueled by large amounts of slow burning charcoal with wood chunks added for flavor. Offset smokers are fueled by a small hot fire with wood being the preferred source for both fuel and flavor.

Yes, there are 3 ways that you can cook on an offset cooker: 
Grill direct. This is done by building a charcoal fire directly below the cooking grates and grill directly over the coals. A grill grate is provided for the firebox and an optional charcoal grate can be added to convert the cooking chamber to a direct grill. 
Grill indirectly. This is accomplished by building a fire in the firebox and running the dampers toward the open position. This creates an excellent indirect grilling area on the firebox half of the cooking chamber. 
Smoking. This technique is accomplished just like indirect grilling except that the temperature is held at or below 135 °C.

All Yoder Smoker offset pits are fully welded, no stitch welding around the doors. In addition the cooking chamber door is strapped with 6.35mm x 25mm material and is fully welded to the door further reducing leakage around the door.

The heat management plate installs against the common wall of the firebox and the cooking chamber. The design forces the heat and smoke to enter the pit under the plate and is then released incrementally as it travels across the pit. This design reduces the side to side temperature variance by more than half.

Wood selection is a matter of taste so we have included some basic guidelines to help in your selection.  A wood that is going to be used should be either fruit or nut bearing. Typical smoking woods include apple, cherry, oak, pecan, hickory and mesquite. The fruit woods produce a mild flavor with a slightly sweet finish. The oaks and other hard woods produce a heartier smoke flavor, while pecan can end with a hint of sweet the other hard woods do not. Besides flavor, wood will also influence the color of the meat, for instance, some pitmasters like to mix cherry and pecan which produces a cherry like color on the bark and a robust smoke flavor with a slightly sweet finish. The list isn’t all inclusive; certainly numerous other fruit woods are excellent choices as well.

Begin with the firebox lid, main damper and chimney damper in the open position, this will increase airflow and speed up the fire building process. Most offset cooks start with a charcoal base. Once you have a hot bed of charcoal close the lid and place two pieces of wood onto the coal base. As the wood reduces to coal close both dampers to the halfway position to allow the pit temperature to begin to rise. Once the pit stabilizes at the desired temperature, add one piece of wood and the meat.

Expect to add one split log to the fire every hour or so. The key to excellent color and a savory smoke infused flavor is running a small hot fire. When the fire is running efficiently you will have a thin light colored smoke coming from the stack. NOTE: a heavy white smoke indicates that you are smoldering, not efficiently burning the wood. This will put a dark color and a harsh taste on your meat.

Once the pit is stabilized and up to the desired temperature, pit temp is controlled by the amount of fuel you add at any given time and the position of the primary damper on the firebox.

Build a fire in the firebox utilizing any smoking wood, run the unit at 120+ degrees for 3 to 5 hours. The pit is seasoned and ready to cook on when a thin black sheen has developed on the interior surfaces.

It typically takes 45 minutes to get a coal bed built and for the steel in the pit to come up to the desired cooking temperature. Once this happens the pit is ready to cook on.

A traditional low and slow offset pit runs hotter at the firebox end and cooler at the chimney end. This is one of the offset’s greatest strengths; the heat is progressive from end to end and is predictable from cook to cook. This lends itself perfectly to cooking different cuts of meat at the same time. Want to load the pit up with briskets or butts? Drop the Heat Management Plate into position and the temperature becomes fairly even from end to end.

Each pit is delivered with an ash clean-out tool that is shaped to quickly and easily remove the ash from the firebox.

Start by disassembling the pit, vacuum the body, use a thin knife to remove any buildup and finish by wiping with a citrus based cleaner.

You can successfully cook on a Yoder Smoker in any weather condition.

That’s the easy one, for a lifetime, guaranteed.