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Yoder Smokers 30″ Frontiersman III BBQ Trailer

Prices starting at 36.500 excl. VAT

Produced on demand.  Lead Time:  approx. 9-12 months
50% deposit required for custom and on-demand products.

CONTACT US for customization, further information, or to place an order.

Yoder Smokers BBQ trailers are the pinnacle of barbecue catering.  These massive pits are built with precision and attention to detail, making them the sleekest and most gorgeous pits on the road.  Fully customizable, they are built to capture your guests’ attention while showing off your brand and making a statement.  They are practical, functional, and most of all fun.

Not only will you attract crowds from first impressions, when you light your fire and start pulling off beautifully smoked meats, you will be the star of the show.  Yoder BBQ trailers are designed to burn fruitwood and hardwood split logs, and makes it easy for the pitmaster to maintain steady temperatures due to a great airflow design and thick steel to retain heat.

Yoder Smokers builds trailers for the European market to meet EU road regulations, with required components.  After arriving in Europe, the trailer is inspected and issued an Individual Vehicle Approval (IVA) certificate which can be presented in the EU final destination country to apply for the local registration plates.

Prices do not include delivery from Prague, Czech Republic to the final destination.  We recommend that you collect your trailer in Prague, or we can ship on a transport trailer.  Yoder Smokers builds their pits with thick steel to last a lifetime, so these trailers are heavy!  Options such as vertical cooking chambers will add alot of cooking space, but will increase the weight significantly.  We recommend to make certain that you have a tow vehicle with enough tow capacity rating.  In most cases this would be a mid-size pickup truck (example Ford Ranger), full-size pickup truck (example Ford F-150), or large transport van (example Mercedes-Benz Sprinter).

Perfect For:  Catering, Restaurants, Food Festivals



  • American Made in Yoder, Kansas, USA
  • 30″ (76 cm) Barrel Diameter
  • 3-Door Design
  • Square FireBox with Boiler Door
  • Storage Box with Slide-Out Work Table
  • Stainless Steel Front Shelf
  • Heat Management Plate
  • 2nd Level Slide-Out Shelves
  • FireBox Damper
  • Stay Cool Handles
  • Grease Drain
  • Door Counter Weight
  • 14-inch Premium Black Wheels & Tires
  • Dual Axles
  • Door Thermometers
  • Probe Access Port
  • Spare Wheel & Tire
  • EU hitch, lights, brakes, axles
  • EU Individual Vehicle Authorization (IVA) Certificate


  • Custom Stainless Steel Signage
  • Custom Paint Color
  • Polished Chrome Stack
  • Tongue Storage Box
  • 81 x 127 cm Vertical Cooking Chamber with 8 Cooking Racks (pictured)


Cooking Surface

32270 sq. cm
– Four 66 x 75 cm Cooking Grates
– Three 66 x 63 cm 2nd Level Slide-Out Shelves
– Vertical Chamber adds 45000 sq. cm

Cooking Chamber Thickness

6,3 mm steel

Overall Length

6,2 meters +

Overall Height

1,7 meters +

Overall Width

1,8 meters


1900 kg +

A Way of Life

Operating a wood offset pit may be more of a challenge than other BBQ smokers, but that is part of the appeal.  Tending the fire while cooking perfectly smoked meats on a traditional wood pit is all about true passion for the art.

Built to Last

It is possible to cook BBQ on the thin, leaky BBQs sold in hardware stores.  But not for long.  Yoder Smokers are built from heavy 6.3mm steel and fully welded to last for decades.  These smokers will not rust through or burn out in a year or two.  They are designed to handle the extreme.

Handcrafted in the USA

Yoder Smokers are handmade in Yoder, Kansas by pitmasters – for pitmasters.  Every detail is carefully executed by master craftsmen.

When designing an offset smoker, the placement and size of the firebox, length and diameter of the smokestack, position of cooking grates, damper placement, and many more features are often overlooked or not understood by the manufacturers of lesser pits.  Let the real pros build your next smoker.

Produced on Demand



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