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Yoder Smokers YS640s Pellet Grill with ACS on Comp Cart – Orange

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Imagine thick steaks sizzling over a wood fire, or ribs slow-smoking until they are tender and juicy. Do you prefer grilled veggies or baked desserts? With Yoder Smokers pellet grills you can do all of this and more.  Grill, smoke, bake or roast and even control your grill via Wifi or Bluetooth right on your smartphone!

Impress your friends with delicious food cooked over a wood fire using BBQ pellets – the latest in grilling technology. They’re easy to use: just flip a switch, set the automatic temperature controller, and let your grill do the work while you relax. Pellet grills provide much better flavours than gas grills, and do not require handling charcoal.

The heavy-duty steel cart makes your grill a great showpiece.  Large wheels make it easy to transport or move over rough terrain, and the stainless steel external shelves provide a large workspace.  Yoder Smokers are the only pellet grills built strong enough to handle the duties of a mobile commercial grill – the perfect solution for catering.

Perfect For:  Home, Restaurants, Catering, Food Trucks, Party Service, Food Festivals, Resorts

Optional Accessories

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    YS Wood Fired Pizza Oven – YS480 & YS640

     541,32 ( 541,32 ex. VAT)

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  • YS640 Expanded Grates

    YS640 Expanded Stainless Steel Cooking Grates – Set of 2

     371,07 ( 371,07 ex. VAT)

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  • YS640 3-Tier RackSALE!

    YS640 3-Tier Wire Cooking Rack

    Original price was: € 346,28.Current price is: € 276,86. ( 276,86 ex. VAT)

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  • YS640 Cart Cover

    YS640 Comp Cart Fitted Cover

     247,11 ( 247,11 ex. VAT)

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  • YS640 Thermal JacketSALE!

    YS640 Thermal Jacket

    Original price was: € 326,45.Current price is: € 247,11. ( 247,11 ex. VAT)

    In stock

  • YS640 SS 2nd Shelf

    YS640 Expanded Stainless Steel Second Shelf

     247,11 ( 247,11 ex. VAT)

    In stock

  • Direct Grill Kit

    YS480/YS640 Direct Grill Grate Kit

     128,10 ( 128,10 ex. VAT)

    Available on backorder

  • YS640 Grease Shield

    YS640 Grease Shield

     123,14 ( 123,14 ex. VAT)

    Available on backorder

  • YS640 Expanded GratesSALE!

    YS640 Expanded Metal Cooking Grates – Set of 2

    Original price was: € 139,67.Current price is: € 119,83. ( 119,83 ex. VAT)

    In stock

  • YS Cast Iron Griddle

    YS Cast Iron Griddle

     119,83 ( 119,83 ex. VAT)

    Available on backorder

  • YS640 Half ShelfSALE!

    YS640 Half Depth Shelf

    Original price was: € 103,31.Current price is: € 81,82. ( 81,82 ex. VAT)

    In stock

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  • American Made in Yoder, Kansas, USA
  • Yoder Smokers ACS (Adaptive Control System)
  • Two Integrated Food Probes
  • WiFi + Bluetooth Connectivity
  • Ceramic Ignition System
  • Two Piece Heat Diffuser with Access Door
  • Variable Placement Damper for 2-zone cooking
  • Built-in Tie Downs
  • 2nd Level Slide-Out Shelf
  • Stay Cool Handles
  • Grease Drain
  • Door Counter Weight
  • Competition Cart & Stainless Steel Shelves
  • 8-inch Flat-Free Tires
  • Probe Access Port

Approximate Capacity:

  • Whole Chickens: 8
  • Spare Ribs (lying flat): 8
  • Pork Shoulder: 40kg
  • Burgers: 50


Cooking Surface

6900 sq. cm
– Four 50 x 20 cm Cooking Grates
– 40 x 71 cm 2nd Level Slide-Out Shelf

Temperature Range

65 – 315 °C (150 – 600 °F)

Pellet Capacity

9 kg

Cooking Chamber Thickness

3 mm steel

Overall Length

155 cm
(Including Side Shelf)

Overall Height

140 cm

Overall Depth

92 cm
(Including Front Shelf)


190 kg


220V @ 50Hz


YS640s User Manual (English)

YS640s User Manual (German)

YS640s User Manual (French)

Pellet Grill Welcome Tips

YS640s Comp Cart Dimensional Drawing

YS640s ACS Upgrade Installation Instructions


Shipping Policy

Frequently Asked Questions


YS Series ACS Controller

Adaptive Control System (ACS) with Wi-Fi

The Yoder Smokers S Series is built around their next-generation Adaptive Control System with Wi-Fi Connectivity – cloud connectivity powered by FireBoard.

  • Connect to your devices via Bluetooth and WiFi through the YS Drive App (iOS and Android compatible)
  • Control your grills temperature from anywhere
  • Monitor your cook with the two included food probes (probes are 1,8m long)
  • Create custom cook programs to hold once meat temperature hits a set point

More Than Just Wi-Fi

Beyond Wi-Fi connectivity, the new ACS board is built around a powerful microprocessor that understands multiple input variables. So what does this mean?

  • The board was designed from the ground up to take advantage of this powerful microcontrol chip
  • Custom programming allows the board to learn and understand the cooking environment
  • Opening the door, putting on 50kg of meat, or even changing pellet wood won’t affect your set point for hours
  • Calibrate mode aligns the displayed temperature to match the temperature at any area of the grate surface
YS Bluetooth and Wifi
YS Ceramic Igniter

High-Temp Ceramic Igniter

The S Series features an all new ceramic igniter that lights the pellets from induction heat, meaning a more consistent startup.

  • New ceramic igniter lasts five times longer than conventional contact igniters
  • Heats up twice as fast and creates double the heat
  • Lights with induction heat which solves problems with failed ignition from ash buildup
  • Ceramic igniter carries a three-year warranty

Simple to Operate, Amazing Results

Yoder Smokers S Series Pellet Grills also offer superior quality and taste when used traditionally as a pellet fired smoker.

With second-to-none build craftsmanship, the S Series Pellet Grills help to produce the flavor that only wood fires can produce, all with the ease of “set it and forget it” operation.

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