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YS Wood Fired Pizza Oven – YS480 & YS640

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A wood-fired oven that rivals the best wood-fired ovens anywhere, and pizza is only the beginning. The patent-pending Yoder Smokers Wood-Fired Oven is designed to cook in your YS640 / YS480, transforming your cooking experience from smoking and grilling into the most capable outdoor oven on the market today. Designed to cook from the bottom up and top down simultaneously, this oven cooks quick and with broiler-like browning. From searing-hot pizza to sautéing and baking, our wood-fired oven can do it all. And we have done it all in our test kitchen…blackened chicken, mac & cheese, blueberry cobbler, smash burgers, wings, jalapeno cheese bread…you name it, if it can go in to your kitchen oven it will be better than amazing in the new Yoder Smokers wood-fired oven.

*Any grill built before 01/26/2015 (or with a long, back-wall thermocouple) will require an updated thermocouple.




Opening Dimensions

10.5 cm high x 36.0 cm wide

Stone Dimensions

34.3 cm wide x 42.5 cm deep

Heat Diffuser Dimensions

50.8 cm deep x 53.3 cm wide

Overall Product Dimensions

45.1 cm deep x 50.2 cm wide x 17.1 cm high

Shipping Weight

20.4 kg






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YS Pizza Oven

The Best Wood-Fired Oven Experience Available

Welcome to a new era of cooking on the most versatile grill on the market. In our mission to be relentless over the craft of outdoor cooking, we’ve designed a wood-fired oven accessory that takes your YS640 / YS480 to a whole new level. Handcrafted here Yoder, Kansas, the new wood-fired oven harnesses the power of the grill’s large offset firepot and transforms the distribution of heat to be perfectly balanced from the top and bottom. Our patent-pending design has been engineered to outperform any wood-fired oven out there.

Pizza | Broil | Bake

Super hot and super fast, restaurant-style pizza in under 5 minutes. Crispy crust on bottom and perfectly browned cheese on top. And zero recovery time means back-to-back pies without having to wait!

Casseroles, mac n’ cheese, lasagna — if you need a caramelized and crispy dish, you’ve got it. The radiant heat inside our wood-fired oven circulates evenly so broiling is as effortless as the results on your favorite dishes.

Lower temp cooking is ready at hand for baking everything from bread to cobbler to caramel crunch apple pie. Or maybe brownies. No matter what your baked cravings might be, balanced radiant wood-fired flavor is on the menu.

American Engineered

It’s what’s inside that matters and our patent-pending heavy-duty heat distribution plate is at the ground level of our design. We reimagined the way an oven should work and therefore how heat should flow. With precision perforation, the heat distribution plate transfers balanced heat for even cooking from side to side while moving air and flame to the top. The result is 360° of high heat for broiling and baking cooking temperatures of up to 500 degrees. And amazing food.

An American-made half inch cooking stone was also sourced into the oven. This commercial-grade stone is precision engineered with a proprietary stone blend, kiln-fired to ensure temperature uniformity, rapid heat transfer, optimal heat retention, and industry-leading recovery time.

The heavy-duty hood rounds off the design. The overall shape was designed to optimize airflow and allow that over-the-top flame for that perfect kiss of heat creating a broiler-like result from a searing 450° down to baking at 175°. For some added functionality we designed the hood with a flat top which allows the top of the oven to be used as a high-powered cooking surface by using cast iron or carbon steel cookware. The hood is powder coated with a 1200º powder to provide long-term durability.

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